What is a Monto Verified Buyer?

Green check

Authenticity is important to us.

When a review has a Monto Verified Buyer badge, it simply means that we’ve independently verified that the reviewer has had an actual experience with the content they’re reviewing (i.e., product, service, etc).

This is often because the website has allowed Monto to invite users who complete an action (such as buy a product or service) to leave a review for that same product, not allowing them to leave a review for anything outside the scope of their experience with the company. In other cases, it means we were able to verify the authenticity of the review because of documentation submitted to Monto by the reviewer.

In other words. When you see a Monto Verified Buyer badge, you can trust that it’s the real deal.

Here’s an example of what Monto Verified review looks like in the wild:
Verified Reviews Badge for Webflow Eccomerce Products