Foxy provides flexible ecommerce for your website. Foxy’s hosted cart & payment page allow you to sell anything, using your existing website or platform such as webflow. Sell any type of product. Anywhere.
A link or html form is all you need to get started. Foxy also allows easy connection to over 60 different payment methods, from to PayPal and Amazon FPS and Dwolla and many, many others. Foxy is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which allows you to greatly reduce your compliance burden without sacrificing flexibility.

How to Integrate

  • First, create a Foxy account and a Webflow site and follow these instructions to connect the two.
  • Sign up for Monto or connect a new site to your existing Monto account.
  • On the screen that pops up, click the checkbox that says "This site is using Foxy"
  • On the next page, you will see the embed code for the Monto reviews widget (if selected) and the Monto global script. Put the review code on your product pages and the global script in your custom code section of Settings.
  • This page will also have a Webhook Title and URL you will need for the Foxy webhook
  • In a new tab, open your Foxy account > Integrations > and enable the Json Webhook
  • Paste in the title and URL provided by Monto
  • Ensure that "Transaction Created" is checked.
  • Click "Update Webhooks" to save.

See Full In-Depth Instructions Here

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