Foxy provides flexible ecommerce for your website. Foxy’s hosted cart & payment page allow you to sell anything, using your existing website or platform such as webflow. Sell any type of product. Anywhere.
A link or html form is all you need to get started. Foxy also allows easy connection to over 60 different payment methods, from to PayPal and Amazon FPS and Dwolla and many, many others. Foxy is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which allows you to greatly reduce your compliance burden without sacrificing flexibility.

How to Integrate

To get started you'll need to (if you haven't already) create a website in Webflow, and accounts on Monto and Foxy's site.

There are a couple of steps to connect Monto with Foxy.

Be sure to follow the instructions closely and ensure each step is completed or else not all information will be fully integrated between our two apps.

See Full In-Depth Instructions Here

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