We’re churning out code every day. Here’s the list of top new releases over the last few months for the Currency Converter app in particular:

Currency Selector Popup & Individual Options

We’ve designed an intuitive currency selector popup to enhance user experience on your e-commerce site. In addition to prices converting automatically for your customers, now your customers can manually choose to view your prices in any of our supported currencies!

Do your customers tend to live in just a few places? We now also have individual currency selection so that you can add a few primary options for quick price conversion.  

Here’s a helpful guide on our currency selector popup & individual selection options.


Expanded Support to 170+ Currencies Around the World

We’re now in more countries than ever before! No matter where your customers live, chances are we have you covered! (And if not, let us know and we’ll be sure to add your currency.)

You can view the comprehensive list of currencies we support here.


Now Compatible with BigCommerce!

Our currency converter app is now compatible with BigCommerce, one of the leading ecommerce platforms! Whether you’re using Webflow, Foxy, or BigCommerce, you can enhance customer satisfaction by displaying prices in their local currency.


In addition, we’ve also made a few smaller changes as well:

  • Ability to toggle on/off the app’s automatic conversion features
  • Enabled compatibility with paginated and dynamically loaded CMS items
  • Allowed CMS-only Webflow sites to select a default currency (previously this was only available to ecommerce type sites)
  • Confirmed support for specific price formats and created a comprehensive troubleshooting guide: https://help.monto.io/en/articles/6405263-currency-converter-isn-t-working-for-me-troubleshooting-guide
  • Fixed bug where people in certain Canadian IP addresses were seeing USD
  • Corrected an issue where New Zealand Dollars were displayed with an extra "NZ"