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Introducing Monto, an integrated customer engagement solution for Webflow. Automagically collect, manage, and display product reviews on your CMS and eCommerce sites.

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Monto is simple and automates proven practices applied by some of the largest eCommerce brands, saving you money and time to focus on what really matters: Building products people love!

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Build trust and increase conversions by capturing and showcasing customer reviews in a customizable widget. Monto even reaches out to customers via mail to collect reviews.

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Support for Google Rich Snippets increases your visibility in the middle of other Google search results.

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Need More Control? Make Monto yours, with Blocks.

Blocks let you compose your own widgets out of reusable, smart components, making it one of the most customisable solutions on the market.

Complete power over styling and structure help you to quickly match Monto to your branding.

The best? No need to write any Javascript. Blocks already include the logic. The optimal balance between flexibility and cost-effiency.


Sifter uses Monto to improve its visitor experience by enriching its database of online telemedicine providers with actual customer experiences.

Monto has been an incredible tool to give patients a voice. It has enabled Sifter Health to get a competitive edge in telemedicine by allowing patients to leave reviews of their experience with a provider. With new features being released every day, Monto is consistently pushing boundaries and finding ways to innovate.


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